3D PrintShow - London 2013

Published on Monday, 16 December 2013 - 00:00

Between 7th and 9th November, MORElab member Szilárd Kados visited the annual 3D PrintShow held in London, United Kingdom. The purpose of the visit was to rediscover the newest technologies and techniques of the 3D rapid prototyping world. The event was exiting, futuristic and overwhelming because of all the information provided. There we saw many entry level 3D printers, but professional, even industrial printers as well. Different technologies had came together and we were absorbing all the technical data, tweaks and techniques of every printer we could find.

With the knowledge acquired we can be sure that our top-of-the-line color 3D printer wasn't and it isn't outdated at all. In matter of fact, with the current technologies, color 3D printing is achievable only with binder jetting or selective deposition lamination (SDL) technologies. The fact of owing one 3D printer, with binder jet technology, places us in front in the area of full color 3D printing.

Let's see what news will bring next year's event.