DeustoTech organises the 5th Plenary Meeting for the GreenSoul Project

Published on Thursday, 22 June 2017 - 11:00

MORElab members together with DeustoTech-ENERGY colleagues organised the GreenSoul’s 5th Plenary Meeting in DEUSTO premises in Bilbao from 20th to 21st of June 2017. The meeting meeting's main objective was to boost the pilot planning for the 6 pilot buildings that the project have (Seville, Weiz, Pilea, Sussex, Cambridge and Bilbao). Furthermore, the technical attendants agreed in a common picture of the GS's architectures and the first prototypes of GreenSoul-ed Things from CERTH and DEUSTO were presented. The GreenSoul-ed devices complement existing electrical appliances in order to monitor their energy consumption and assist their user’s in better usage – better behaviour from an energy consumption standpoint. Among others, MORElab’s smart power strip, the interactive coaster and the smart dimmer were presented.

Several pending issues were addressed regarding the the integration of the sensors, smart analysers and GreenSoul-ed things into the LinkSmart middleware. DEUSTO and WSC presented the work done to start the installation of the WSC's Smart metering system (UMD). Further discussion on the dissemination of the project and the baseline creation for the different buildings were topics also tackled in the meeting. The roadmap for the November review in Brussels was established.