Diego Casado Mansilla, the new MORELab's PhD

Published on Wednesday, 14 September 2016 - 10:59

On September 12th, 2016, MORElab's member Diego Casado Mansilla has been honored with the PhD recognition. His dissertation, entitled "Promoting long term energy-efficient behaviour in work environments through persuasive technologies" was advised by Dr. Diego López de Ipiña and Dr. Pablo Garaizar Sagarminaga.

The VIVA panel was formed by:

  • Dr. Juan Ramón Velasco (President, Universidad de Alcalá)
  • Dr. Miguel Ángel Vadillo (London King's College)
  • Dr. Juan Ignacio Vázquez (Universidad de Deusto)

Congratulations Diego!

The slides used during the dissertation can be accessed hereafter:

Diego Casado-Mansilla - PhD thesis dissertation de Diego Casado Mansilla