Eco-awareness Social Devices presented in IoT Madrid meetup

Published on Monday, 13 February 2012 - 17:36

Last 11/02/2012 MORElab member Diego Casado-Mansilla attended the Internet of Things Madrid's (IoT) meet-up where he gave a talk about Eco-awareness Social Devices promoting a more sustainable world (link). The meet-up counted with more than 50 attendees of different backgrounds (engineers, artist, architects, designers, hobbyists, practitioners, etc.). The meeting began with a review of the IoT concepts pursuing with replies to the "where we are?" question in such emerging paradigm. Presented talks have covered real-world IoT examples from local to a global scales, and finally it was broadly discussed the role of human beings on a future IoT world, as well as the social-economics implications that it will entail.