Leandro Madrazo and Álvaro Sicilia from Ramon Llull university visited MORElab group

Published on Wednesday, 27 April 2016 - 16:31

Dr. Leandro Madrazo and Álvaro Sicilia, both researchers from ARC research group at Ramon Llull University (Barcelona), visited our research centre.

During their visit, they gave a talk on "Energy information systems for buildings and cities based on semantic technologies". In their talk, the researchers reviewed the beginnings of their research group by going over the former projects they were involved on, as well as they explained the projects that are currently on development in the context of Horizon 2020.

The abstract of their talk was:

To improve energy efficiency of buildings and cities, the actors involved (technicians, consultants, companies and users) require information from multiple multiple sources and domains. Semantic technologies can integrate this data to create models to evaluate energy performance of buildings and cities from a systemic point of view to make decisions to improve their performance. Through its participation in several national and European projects, the research group ARC has been developing in recent years various energy information systems that integrate data from multiple domains and sources using semantic technologies. In this presentation the process followed along these projects and the results will be discussed. In addition, the technological solutions developed in these projects, including the Ontology-Based Data Access for the integration of energy data, tools to transform into RDF information obtained from databases (Map-On, AutoMap4OBDA) or delivered sensors (Ztreamy) and to manage and explore semantic data sets (semantic data Repository, Oikontology).