MORElab participated in the European Regions for Smart Communities Summit, first face-to face meeting of the H2020 AURORAL Project

Published on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 - 12:47

MORElab members Diego Casado-Mansilla and Oihane Gómez-Carmona, together with Edurne Iñigo Alday (Deusto DBS) and María Ortiz-Coronado (Deusto IRPO) as part of the H2020 AURORAL’s project Deusto team, participated in the “European Regions for Smart Communities” summit, organised between 9th and 13th of May, in Évora (Alentejo, Portugal) and online.

This event gathered together AURORAL partners, local and regional leaders, members of the European Parliament and the European Commission to discuss and share challenges and innovative solutions to promote smarter communities through digital transformation.

As part of the AURORAL project, they actively participated both as speakers and as members of the Scientific Committee in several sessions, workshops and dialogues where their experiences and perspectives from the AURORAL project on how to promote a sustainable rural development supported by an ecosystem of developers, service providers, and user communities were shared.