MORElab participated in the Fashion Revolution initiative

Published on Tuesday, 03 May 2022 - 11:03

In April 2022, MORElab members Diego Casado-Mansilla, Oihane Gómez Carmona, and Diego López de Ipiña contributed to Fashion Revolution week, an initiative to make visible the consequences of Fast Fashion and raise awareness of the problem in the textile industry.

Particularly, within the context of a TFG carried out by the student Eduardo Rodriguez, MORElab has participated in designing and developing a T-shirt vending machine augmented with technology, which attracted citizens with its slogan T-shirt 1 €. For those interested in buying the t-shirt, the machine reproduced a video showing informing the working conditions, work environment and low wages some workers have in the textile industry.

On Saturday, April 30, this machine was placed on the main street of Bilbao, allowing pedestrians promenading the streets to approach and interact with it.

During this experiment, statistics on acceptance and decision-making on whether or not to buy a T-shirt for 1€ were collected to study the adequacy of interactive solutions to show us social realities invisible in our day-to-day lives.

This initiative has attracted social and awareness-raising impact, drawing remarkable attention and appearing in numerous local media: