New papers by MoreLab Members at Pervasive 2006 and ICCSA 2006

Published on Friday, 12 May 2006 - 13:07

MoreLab members have published two new papers:
At the Combining Theory and Systems Building in Pervasive Computing workshop (CTSB 2006) of Pervasive 2006:

"A Passive Influence Model for Adapting Environments based on Semantic Preferences"

At the 2nd Ubiquitous Web Systems and Intelligence Workshop (UWSI 2006), colocated with ICCSA 2006:

"SOAM: An Environment Adaptation Model for the Pervasive Semantic Web"

Both papers are addressed at the application of the joint synergies formed up by Pervasive Computing and the Semantic Web in order to build smarter environments.