Participation in IWAAL 2011

Published on Sunday, 12 June 2011 - 13:53

Several papers were presented on the "III International Workshop of Ambient Assisted Living" (IWAAL 2011) by members of our research lab.

The paper entilted “Indoor Navigation and Product Recognition for Blind People Assisted Shopping” was presented in the session entitled “Mobile Proposals for AAL”. This paper summarizes our progress defining a platform to allow blind people to achieve a full shopping experience (casual) in supermarkets, as if they saw. Click here to see the paper.

The papers entitled "Easing the Mobility of Disabled People in Supermarkets Using a Distributed Solution" was presented in the "Mobile Proprosals for AAL" session. It presents a Triple Space based solution which facilitates shopping in supermarkets to the mobility impaired. Click here to see the paper.

Finally, "Distributed Tracking System for Patients with Cognitive Impairments" was presented in the "Applications for Cognitive Impairments" session. This work work proposes a test-question-based memory game to collect patients results and to facilitate access to this information to caregivers, relatives, and therapists. Click here to see the paper.