SourcePlanet, trying to facilitate the creation of new products using Open Source

Published on Thursday, 10 January 2013 - 12:31

MORElab (DeustoTech-Internet) takes part in this project led by ESLE (Asociación de Empresas de Software Libre de Euskadi - Association of Open Source Companies at the Basque Country). This initiative tries to take advantage of new business models and opportunities that Open Source projects can offer, including their internationalization to maximize their visibility, thanks to a cost reduction in developments and more flexibility versus propietary solutions (the code is open and can be improved or changed as needed to create updates or new tools).

Recently, basque public administration has released their applications at OpenApps, so this Open Source directory can be a good data source to populate the metada model about Open Source companies, projects and products behind the SourcePlanet aggregation platform, where other modules will consume this Linked Open Data to get different evaluations and classifications about previous entities in order to optimize the results of users searches later.

RHoKers during the hackaton

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