Special Issue: "Emerging IoT Technologies for Smart Environments Ⅱ" Sensors, IF: 3.275

Published on Tuesday, 03 November 2020 - 11:14

The next generation of the Internet is expected to interconnect and to make heterogeneous and smart objects interoperable in order to realize the Internet of Things (IoT). It aims to diffuse smart and pervasive environments able to offer innovative services in heterogeneous applicative scenarios, such as environmental monitoring, building automation, healthcare, smart cities, smart grids, logistics, and tourism. The combination among emerging wireless communication technologies, cloud-based software architecture, embedded systems, and artificial intelligence systems based on machine learning or deep learning, promises to carry out the digital transformation anywhere.

This Special Issue invites authors to submit original research or review articles mainly focused on the Internet of Things and smart environments. Potential interesting topics for this Special Issue include, but are not limited to the following:

  • IoT-aware systems based on wireless and wearable devices;
  • Embedded systems in IoT-aware system architectures;
  • Protocols performance analysis in IoT architectures;
  • Smart environments based on IoT Technologies;
  • Mobile applications and rapid prototyping in the IoT;
  • Middleware, semantic web, and ontology in the IoT;
  • Fog computing in the IoT;
  • Innovative AAL systems;
  • Microservices architectures;
  • Innovative solutions for industrial Internet of Things;
  • Big data and data analytics;
  • Intelligent transport systems;
  • Localization systems;
  • Safety and emergency systems based on IoT technologies;
  • Artificial intelligence systems based on machine learning or deep learning;
  • Case studies, field trials, and industrial applications.

Dr. Luigi Patrono
Dr. Cosimo Distante
Dr. Luigi Atzori
Dr. Aitor Almeida
Guest Editors

A special issue of Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220). This special issue belongs to the section "Internet of Things". Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 September 2021.