Teseo's visual analytics website released

Published on Monday, 31 March 2014 - 11:36

After more than one month improving the work developed during the OpenDataDay event organised in Bilbao by our group, we have finally published the visual analyses of teseo, the spanish dabatase of doctoral dissertations maintained by the Ministry of Education.

MORElab started this project some weeks before the OpenDataDay 2014, parsing all the information available on teseo's website, to make it available for the event. On the OpenDataDay, we developed some basic analyses, which have been refined for the release of our teseo's visual analysis website (No longer available).


We encourage you to visit the different visualizations on the website, understanding how each visualization has been generated through the explaination attached to each chart. If you happen to be a data-hacker yourself, the code is available on its GitHub repository for you to improve the project.