VisionTech4Life - technology for reducing environmental impacts in civil works sites

Published on Monday, 11 November 2013 - 18:15

Visiontech4Life is an I+D+i project in collaboration with enterprises and Basque research centers, which pretends to decrease all the environmental impacts that civil works can imply.

For this, the researchers will develop the technology, apply it and validate the results on site, not in laboratories. Through this initiative is intended to respond to the necessity of an industry that needs to reduce environmental side effects, to reduce the derivate costs and improve the level of sustainability for a better competitiveness.

In particular, will be developed real time control systems, with multispectral visions and based on advanced sensors, which facilitate the identification of the environmental impact for the work site itself.

The involved partners in the project are the Fulcrum engineering, the technological research institute DeustoTech, and the Erabi Audiovisual Technology enterprise.

Visiontech4Life is a pioneer project at European level in terms of technology integration, efficiency, sustainability, and real time control over the possibly environmental impacts. This ranges from detection, control and monitoring of the impact to the generation of alarms and reports to facilitate decision-making and appropriate actuation.

One of the key features of the project are the use of drones or unmanned aircrafts to observe and measure the work site more efficiently, with less energy consumption and time.

With Visiontech4Life is expected a considerable drop of measurement and monitoring time, between 40% and 80% faster, depending on the impact, and the response time would be 90% faster. With this methodology the general costs of correction measurements would drop by 40% compared with today's techniques.