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Jul. 2019  -  Jan. 2020


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Fatima has nine years of experience in both scientific research and higher education sectors. She earned an Engineer degree (2006), a post-graduate diploma (2009), and then a PhD (2015) in Computer Science from the Higher National School of Computer Science, Algiers (ESI); where she is working now as an Assistant Professor.

Previously, Fatima has worked for three years as Senior Engineer in the Algerian National Company of Oil and Gaz. She has supervised network and security systems, managed IT team, held workshops for non-IT users, and worked as a board member for ISO certifications program.

During her working hours as a teacher and researcher, Fatima shares her many years of expertise in project management, web development, Internet of Things, and communication reliability. Her research interests include topics related to wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things, and delay tolerance. The studies of these topics help to solve socio-economic challenges as for eHealth and smart environments (agriculture, urban traffic, city, etc.). She has supervised more than 40 Engineer/Master dissertations with one ongoing PhD thesis. In addition to her areas of expertise, Fatima has participated in many international projects within multidisciplinary teams. Projects were related, but not limited, to multi-agents system for water monitoring (France), smart vehicular area network architecture (Tunisia), high performance code optimization (MIT, USA), Supply chain prediction (Norway), and security in fog computing (Algeria).


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