RDF description Idoia Mínguez

Research Project Manager

Feb. 2020  -  Jan. 2024


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My academic background is in Organic Chemistry (B.Sc. - University of the Basque Country) and I also hold an M.Sc. from Trinity College Dublin. My professional expertise was initially developed in biomedical research, conducting clinical trials in different European countries and in different therapeutic areas, working for international pharmaceutical companies. Later, I moved into research management working for a regional public health organisation, and specialised in European Project management, having taken part in several projects since the 5th Framework Programme. I also hold a degree in European projects management from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Since 2015, I am also an Independent Expert of the European Commission, collaborating firstly in the SME Instrument Call and since 2018, in the FTI programme, having evaluated more than 250 proposals. I joined DeustoTech in February 2020 and currently participate in the European Data Incubator (EDI) project as Project Manager and in REACH, an updated version of the EDI project.