Danilo Garbi-Zutin

2 co-authored publications
Title Type Year
Online lab infrastructure as a service: A new paradigm to simplify the development and deployment of online labs

4 Danilo Garbi-Zutin, Michael Auer, Pablo Orduña, Christian Kreiter

Conference paper 2016
An Extensible Architecture for the Integration of Remote and Virtual Laboratories in Public Learning Tools

13 Pablo Orduña, Danilo Garbi-Zutin, Sten Govaerts, Irene Lequerica, Philip Bailey, Elio Sancristobal, Christophe Salzmann, Luis Rodriguez-Gil, Kimberly DeLong, Denis Gillet, Manuel Castro, Diego López-de-Ipiña, Javier García-Zubia

Journal article 2015  ≈ 685.4 KB