Roc Berenguer

6 co-authored publications
Title Type Year
Design model for fully integrated high-performance linear CMOS power amplifiers

5 Hector Solar, G. Bistue, Jon Legarda Macón, E. Fernandez, Roc Berenguer

Journal article 2011
A fully integrated 23.2 dBm P-1 (dB) CMOS power amplifier for the IEEE 802.11 a with 29% PAE

6 Hector Solar, Roc Berenguer, Joaquin de Nob, Inaki Gurutzeaga, Unai Alvarado, Jon Legarda Macón

Journal article 2009
Low Frequency Noise Optimization in Gilbert-Cell-Based Mixers for Direct Conversion (zero-If) Receivers

6 Unai Alvarado, Roc Berenguer, I. Adin, Juan Melendez, Jon Legarda Macón, G. Bistue

Journal article 2008
A low power low noise figure RF front-end for mobile GPS/Galileo positioning services

6 J. Mendizabal, Unai Alvarado, Hector Solar, Jon Legarda Macón, Juan I. Sancho, Roc Berenguer

Conference paper 2006
An integrated up-converter circuit in 0.8 mu m SiGe technology for TV applications

5 E. Hernandez, Roc Berenguer, Jon Legarda Macón, J. Mendizabal, I. Cendoya

Journal article 2005
Feedforward power amplifiers adjustment based on signal phase behavior

3 Jorge Presa, Jon Legarda Macón, Roc Berenguer

Conference paper 2004