RDF description Adolfo Garcia-Corcuera

Research Intern

Jan. 2011  -  Jul. 2013

[u' @inproceedings{ruiz-de-garibay_codesign-oriented_2014, address = {Birmingham, UK}, title = {Codesign-{Oriented} {Platform} for {Agile} {Internet} of {Things} {Prototype} {Development}}, abstract = {The Internet of Things offers a growing market open to new products. To be able to take advantages of this opportunity companies need to be able to quickly create prototypes of their products. Given the difficulties that the development of embedded devices presents, both on the hardware and software parts, it is a necessity to create tools that ease this process. In this paper we present a codesing-oriented platform that will help developers to create their prototypes in an agile manner. The presented platform simplifies the usage and integration of standardized peripherals and reduces the complexity of the development process. We also present a prototype created using the platform, showcasing its capabilities.}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 3rd {International} {Workshop} on {Extending} {Seamlessly} to the {Internet} of {Things}}, author = {Ruiz-De-Garibay, Jonathan and Almeida, Aitor and Kados, Szilard and Garcia-Corcuera, Adolfo and L\xf3pez-de-Ipi\xf1a, Diego}, month = jul, year = {2014}, note = {00000}, keywords = {Agile Development, Hardware/Software codesign, Internet of Things, IoT, embedded systems, thofu}, } ']

[u' @inproceedings{campo_time_2011, address = {Riviera Maya, Mexico}, title = {Time {Management} {Tool} based on new {Interaction} {Paradigm} with {RFID} {Technology}}, isbn = {978-84-694-9677-0}, abstract = {It is presented an innovative solution to manage and control the time for a project of any type of business. Based on the \u201cInternet of Things\u201d concept, this product is intended to replace the existing ones using a poster with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology as the main entry of data. It will register the time spent by the employee on each task of each project being this information visible through a web service under the responsibility of the Project Manager. Existing deviations will be displayed on the web service at real time with the direct responsible for them, as well as the planning and project programming. The main goal of the project is to increase the productivity of the companies by improving the time management factor.}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 5th {International} {Symposium} of {Ubiquitous} {Computing} and {Ambient} {Intelligence} ({UCAMI} 2011)}, author = {Campo, Tom\xe1s and Ruiz-de-Garibay, Jonathan and Garcia, Adolfo}, year = {2011}, keywords = {Internet of Things, IoT Empresa, interaction, interactive poster, rfid} }']