RDF description Szilárd Kados

Research Assistant

Apr. 2009  -  Dec. 2015

[u' @article{ruiz-de-garibay_rfid_2014, title = {{RFID} {Presenter}: {A} {New} {Way} to {Feel} a {Talk}}, volume = {2014}, issn = {1687-5869}, shorttitle = {{RFID} {Presenter}}, url = {http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ijap/2014/197437/abs/}, doi = {10.1155/2014/197437}, abstract = {RFID is a key which enables technology for the Internet of Things paradigm, allowing the virtualization of the physical objects into the Internet. There are uncountable applications whereby these connected objects can be a breakthrough for new business models, and this work shows a good example of that. We present the RFID Presenter as the evolution of a classical consumer electronic product to a novel connected Internet product with the addition of the RFID technology. It supposes a new way to manage the conference talks in a personalization way, improving the end-user interaction and providing services that were impossible before. The design, implementation, and validation of a real gadget are well explained in order to give a real example of how the Internet of Things can be integrated into daily objects and enhance the end-user experiences.}, language = {en}, urldate = {2014-04-11TZ}, journal = {International Journal of Antennas and Propagation}, author = {Ruiz-de-Garibay, Jonathan and Legarda, Jon and Kados, Szilard and Eguiluz, Xabier}, month = apr, year = {2014}, note = {00000}, keywords = {Q3, jcr0.683, presenter, rfid, rfidpresenter} }']

[u' @inproceedings{ruiz-de-garibay_codesign-oriented_2014, address = {Birmingham, UK}, title = {Codesign-{Oriented} {Platform} for {Agile} {Internet} of {Things} {Prototype} {Development}}, abstract = {The Internet of Things offers a growing market open to new products. To be able to take advantages of this opportunity companies need to be able to quickly create prototypes of their products. Given the difficulties that the development of embedded devices presents, both on the hardware and software parts, it is a necessity to create tools that ease this process. In this paper we present a codesing-oriented platform that will help developers to create their prototypes in an agile manner. The presented platform simplifies the usage and integration of standardized peripherals and reduces the complexity of the development process. We also present a prototype created using the platform, showcasing its capabilities.}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 3rd {International} {Workshop} on {Extending} {Seamlessly} to the {Internet} of {Things}}, author = {Ruiz-De-Garibay, Jonathan and Almeida, Aitor and Kados, Szilard and Garcia-Corcuera, Adolfo and L\xf3pez-de-Ipi\xf1a, Diego}, month = jul, year = {2014}, note = {00000}, keywords = {Agile Development, Hardware/Software codesign, Internet of Things, embedded systems, thofu} }']