University of Deusto
University of Politécnica from Madrid
University of Alicante
University of Castilla-La Mancha

The four specific objects of the project

1. Analyze and operationally validate in real scenarios the impact and reliability of emerging technologies of multi-modal sensorization in order to generate solutions that are transferable to society to adequately provide services of prevention and follow-up in personal surroundings.

2. Design and implement interoperability scenarios at the semantic level that enable efficient and effective convergence of monitoring and service orchestration technologies that support personal autonomy.

3. Establish mechanisms to define profiles and personal social and health care services based on knowledge that enable agents responsible for running prevention and follow-up services to execute already existing or dynamically composed services depending on the goals or contextual needs, to manage crucial and quality information.

4. Create and evaluate in real scenarios, such as the accessible digital home of UPM and MetalTIC, a user-oriented framework for providing services and security guarantees that includes interoperable algorithms and components and enables accessible interaction, either local or remote, of the involved stakeholders.