RDF description Aitor Villar-Martinez

PhD. Student

Nov. 2018  -  Present
aitor.v [at] deusto.es

 +34 94 413 90 03 - ext: 3033


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Aitor Villar-Martinez received the Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering in 2016 and the Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering in 2018 from University of Deusto. Since 2014 he has collaborated with some projects at the University, such as Smart Moto Challenge in 2015 and 2016 editions, and since 2017 he has been working in LabsLand (spin-off of the WebLab-Deusto project) as a hardware/software developer. In 2018 he has started his doctorate studies in University of Deusto which involve working and researching about remote laboratories and the technologies used in them. Since 2018 Q4 he is collaborating with the MORElab Research Group at DeustoTech - Deusto Insitute of Technology