RDF description Jon Valdés

Research intern

Jan. 2005  -  Jul. 2005

[u' @inproceedings{sainz_towards_2006, address = {Alcal\xe1 de Henares, Madrid, Spain}, title = {Towards a communication agnostic middleware for {Ambient} {Intelligence}}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the {I} {International} {Conference} on {Ubiquitous} {Computing}: {Applications}, {Technology} and {Social} {Issues}}, author = {Sainz, David and Almeida, Aitor and Vald\xe9s, Jon and L\xf3pez-De-Ipi\xf1a, Diego}, month = jun, year = {2006}, keywords = {.net, EMI{\\textasciicircum}2, User interfaces, ambient intelligence, bluetooth, emi2lets, intelligent environments, middleware, mobile applications, p2p} }']