CBDP: Context Based Digital Personality


Within the next several years, as digital technologies become increasingly pervasive, we might find ourselves living within intelligent interactive systems formed by hundreds of sensors, actuators, complex systems, etc. Interacting with them is a complex and time-consuming task that sometimes is not possible for certain groups of people: elderly people, disabled people and so on. Even for fully prepared IT professionals it is complicated to deal with all manuals, guides, and so on, overflowing home and office spaces. Although there are many user-centric approaches to deal with this phenomenon, it seems that the only unnatural part of a digital environment is the human being. To solve this problem the CBDP project suggests the creation of a context-based digital personally (DP) which acts as an enabling proxy between digital surroundings and the final user. DPs will benefit from mobile technologies for context-creation, maintenance and usage; and from semantic technologies for formal decisions and verifications. Usage of DP will simplify everyday interaction between users and their surrounding digital environments. The most remarkable result of this project will be the development of a framework for implementing value-added services for mobile operators.