Linked Data Social Coffee Maker


This project is related with the theses of Diego Casado Mansilla and Juan López de Armentia. The project started with a proof-of-concept in a MORElab’s workshop and now is the basis for their research. The coffee maker is the first instance of an Eco-aware everyday thing (term coined by the coffee maker creators). From the one side, the appliance is able to learn its usage pattern and to prompt suggestive and persuasive cues to coffee consumers about to the most energy-efficient way to operate it. From the other side, the coffee maker is able to communicate with distant but similar appliances to learn their usage pattern in order to reduce the cold start problem. Finally the project is moving towards the linked data sphere: The coffee maker is now able to sense its energy data and to store the breakdown of it in a remote Database as RDF triples. These data could be matched with any open dataset.