NEURONA: Interconexión de infraestructuras abiertas para la validación integral de servicios móviles convergentes de nueva generación: calidad de experiencia, modelos de negocio y modelos de gestión


Information and communications technologies have been introduced into all fields of human activity linked by mobile devices. This involves the "Information and Knowledge Society" phenomenon which has become more challenging than ever. The software quality is becoming increasingly important due to the exigencies of the new mobile software market. In addition, software design and development is progressively more focused on the user. Inside the quality topic, quality in use is defined. It can measure how a product can satisfy the needs of the specified user to achieve specific goals in a particular context. The contribution revealed is a new approach to quality in use testing methodology focused on mobile applications. The reliability of its results can be improved by paying special attention to the context of use. We have studied a context model for mobile interaction design and the best way to capture the user interaction.