Smartoki: Ecosistema de mobiliario urbano interactivo, modular y de proximidad para espacios públicos


Smartoki:Ecosystem of interactive, modular and urban furniture for public spaces aims to revitalize the city by creating an interaction space for citizens in which urban areas are improved according to the needs. Smartoki arises from the growing concept of Smart Cities and the increasing use of shared spaces as an information exchanging and processing point. This project is based on a concept of intelligent modular furniture product called Birloki, designed by Nerei Emotional Intelligent, which has won the prestigious design competition B Awards (Bilbao, 2010), being also finalist at Smart City Expo World Congress (2012) and Media Architecture Biennale (Denmark, 2014), among others. This central element consists on a personalized and intelligent digital totem formed by a series of components that make use of hardware platforms for sensing different conditions (for example atmospheric variables or people counting), processing this and other data related to the interaction and, finally, managing the communications among users and cloud servers. Besides, as a part of this citizen-city interaction system, contextualized information is offered to users through a series of integrated services and visualization elements such as panels or touch screens. These contents are managed remotely through a specific manager that allows to control and configure the Birloki system. Therefore, the system itself is not presented as a closed purpose-specific solution, but is conceived with the idea of being a platform that can accommodate and solve the needs of every kind of user that populates urban shared-use spaces.