SONOPA: SOcial Networks for Older adults to Promote an Active life


SOcial Networks for Older adults to Promote an Active Life (SONOPA) will employ a set of available ICT technologies to develop an end-to-end solution for stimulating and supporting activities at home. SONOPA will achieve its objective through a data collection and fusion structure which merges real measurements of the user’s activities in order to encourage activities with their peers. Reminders and recommendations come through personalized easy-to-use wall displays placed at the user’s home.

SONOPA will employ data analysis techniques to derive a model for the wellness of the user along four dimensions: social, nutrition, leisure habits and mobility. This model will enable the system to track variations in the daily activities over time in order to detect the right time to provide a recommendation. This allows for timely access to quantitative data from the user and allows the activation of individual and social recommendations.

Technologies include:

  • Measurement systems that monitor and register the activities of the user at home and with their peers.
  • Behavior modeling and user profiling techniques, delivering a pattern of the user’s activities over time by analyzing and summarizing the large sensory data and registered logs.
  • A user interface providing personalized recommendations and reminders, encouraging activities to the user. The offered recommendations can be in the form of suggesting individual activities at home, such as preparing meals or social interactions with peers, such as setting up a board game at home.