Continuous service execution in mobile prosumer environments


The vision of Ubiquitous Computing presents special requirements in mobile prosumer environments. Users have the possibility to create and provide their own services to others. Due to mobility, resources used to provide their services change and disappear continuously causing the disruption of the execution and the consumption process. This paper proposes an architecture for mobile service prosuming which tackles the previous problems. It provides a decoupled vision of the different participants in the prosumer environment using various concepts: services, components and capabilities. These concepts enable a dynamic and continuous resolution process during prosuming and also the creation of composite services. This work presents an architecture for mobile devices which supports continuous service execution in a prosumer environment also including composite services. Components are resolved with available capabilities which are selected using restrictions performing a matching process. Due to the heterogeneity of computational resources in mobile devices, a dual approach for matching is proposed: semantic for powerful devices, and syntactic for limited ones.