Imhotep: an approach to user and device conscious mobile applications


As the dependence on mobile devices increases, the need for supporting a wider range of users and devices becomes crucial. Elders and people with disabilities adopt new technologies reluctantly, a tendency caused by the lack of adaptation of these technologies to their needs. To address this challenge, this paper describes a framework, Imhotep, whose aim is to aid developers in the accessible application creation process, making the creation of user-centered applications easier and faster. Our framework allows to easily adapt the applications to the constraints imposed by the user capabilities (sensorial, cognitive, and physical capabilities) and device capabilities by providing a repository that will manage the compilation and deployment of applications that include a set of preprocessor directives in the source code. These directives are enhanced with concepts that are automatically adjusted to the current trends of mobile devices by using a Fuzzy Knowledge-Eliciting Reasoner. Our final goal is to increase the number of applications targeted to elders and people with disabilities providing tools that facilitate their development. The paper also describes the evaluation of both the accuracy of the fuzzy terms generated for mobile devices and the usability of the proposed platform.