Lasting and Spillover Effects of Ambient Eco-Feedback in the Office-based Workplace


Aside from being one of the biggest challenges of current times, reduction of energy usage in the workplace through the adoption of energy efficient practices contributes both to develop a sustainable work environment and also minimize operational costs. Considering the vital role of the employees, the adoption of energy-specific related behaviour in a working environment depends largely on their real engagement. Even then, while the new adoption of energy efficiency measures may come naturally at first and may be regarded with interest and motivation, the question remains about its real lasting effects after the intervention ends. In this regard, the following work details the experience of employees in an office-based environment when using an energy-aware smart IoT device. Moreover, it analyses the lasting effect of the formed green-behaviour that the intervention brought even beyond the end of the study. Finally, it provides evidence on the learning process about energy practices at the workplace and how this acquired habit can be brought to external contexts such as private settings.