RESTful triple spaces of things


The demand for Internet-enabled objects which expose their content in a RESTful and web compliant manner is increasing. Consequently, these objects have to face well-known problems from the web world. The lack of expressiveness and human orientation of the syntactically described capabilities and contents of those resources is one of these difficulties. The Semantic Web on the contrary interlinks each object's data to one another, enabling its automatic process to reveal possible new relationships and therefore enhancing the interoperability of semantic-enabled objects. In this work we present a semantically enabled Web of Things compliant HTTP interface for Internet-enabled objects which uses Triple Spaces (TS) as a basis. Specifically, we address the adoption of this paradigm by a wide range of resource constrained devices assessing the feasibility of our middle-ware solution, focusing both on the web and on the semantic aspects. Besides, we stress the degree of interoperability achieved by the applications made using RESTful TS by describing two scenarios where it could be used.