SmiWork: An Interactive Smart Mirror Platform for Workplace Health Promotion


This paper presents the design and implementation of a multi-user smart mirror system conceived to promote wellness and healthier lifestyles in the work environment through persuasive strategies. By means of a RFID reader, the interactive mirror recognises different users through their personal corporate ID card, which allows them to have access to their personalised user-interface. The smart mirror provides workplace’s indoor environmental conditions (thermal, humidity and light), personal physical exercise data obtained from wearable devices and general purpose information (e.g. weather and daily news). Additionally, motivational advice related to physical performance is supplied through request by applying speech-based recognition techniques. End-users can also inquire the mirror about their ranking position in a fair-daily competition that gives social recognition to the most-active-user. The implemented mirror has been evaluated in a one-week study conducted in the wild in the workplace premises. The quantitative data gathered throughout the study, as well as the qualitative users’ feedback obtained in a post-trial focus group, provided promising findings for the acceptance and convenience of such a persuasive device in the work environment. Furthermore, valuable design-insights were obtained for future iterations of the smart mirror that encourages workers towards healthier lifestyles.