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Research Associate

Jan. 2014  -  Present
aritzbilbao [at] deusto.es


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4 jcr indexed journal articles Toggle collapse
Title Year
Addressing Behavioural Technologies Through the Human Factor: A Review
Ane Irizar-Arrieta, Oihane Gómez-Carmona, Aritz Bilbao Jayo, Diego Casado-Mansilla, Diego López-de-Ipiña, Aitor Almeida.
   IEEE Access   (IF: 3.745)
2020  ≈ 1.9 MB
Smart cities survey: Technologies, application domains and challenges for the cities of the future
Ruben Sánchez Corcuera, Adrian Núñez-Marcos, Jesus Sesma-Solance, Aritz Bilbao Jayo, Rubén Mulero, Unai Zulaika, Gorka Azkune, Aitor Almeida.
   International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks   (IF: 1.151)
2019  ≈ 719.5 KB
Automatic political discourse analysis with multi-scale convolutional neural networks and contextual data
Aritz Bilbao Jayo, Aitor Almeida.
   International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks   (IF: 1.614)
2018  ≈ 321.1 KB
Promotion of active ageing combining sensor and social network data
Aritz Bilbao Jayo, Aitor Almeida, Diego López-de-Ipiña.
   Journal of Biomedical Informatics   (IF: 2.447)
2016  ≈ 1.1 MB

2 conference papers Toggle collapse
Title Year
Embedding-level attention and multi-scale convolutional neural networks for behaviour modelling
Aitor Almeida, Gorka Azkune, Aritz Bilbao Jayo.
   Proceedings of conference: Ubiquitous Intelligence & Computing 2018 (UIC 2018)
2018  ≈ 245.3 KB
Political discourse classification in social networks using context sensitive convolutional neural networks
Aritz Bilbao Jayo, Aitor Almeida.
   Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media
2018  ≈ 534.3 KB