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The TALISMAN+ project aims to research and demonstrate innovative solutions transferable to society which offer services and products based on information and communication technologies and promote personal autonomy in prevention and monitoring scenarios. This coordinated proposal will solve critical interoperability problems among systems and emerging technologies in a context where heterogeneity brings about accessibility barriers not yet overcome and demanded by the scientific, technological or social-health settings.

The project will research and offer relevant solutions and results, both for the scientific community and society, exploiting in a coordinated manner the experience accumulated by the different groups involved in areas such as knowledge management, tele-monitoring, sensor networks and telematics security. Thus, the global objectives proposed are:

i) create an integrated framework for the interoperability of products and services that promote personal autonomy by means of the cooperation among knowledge engineering based services, accessible telemonitoring and trusted procedures for the human;
ii) install and evaluate, in the context of the accessible digital home, trustable solutions for the personal autonomy, upgradeable according to the service provision needs of the agents involved;
iii) generate and transfer to society solid experience for the prevention and monitoring, with interoperability alternatives among heterogeneous and distributed technologies, using ontologies and service orchestration models.

The global objectives imply four concrete scientific-technical objectives:

1. Analyse and validate accessible and trustable emerging sensing technologies which promote personal autonomy.

2. Develop interoperability procedures, both at physical and semantic level, which facilitate the effective convergence of support products for independent life.

3. Obtain as result mechanisms for the definition of personal socio-health profiles, based on knowledge, that manage quality information with the agents responsible for the prevention and monitoring services.

4. Create and evaluate in real scenarios, a user oriented framework for the provision of services and security assurance which includes algorithms and software components, extensible and interoperable, to allow accessible local and remote interaction of the implied actors.

The results of TALISMAN+, detailed in their coordinated work plan, will allow the incremental development of innovative technologies and services, supported from the analysis phase with the participation of public entities and companies implied in the domain suggested.