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Oct. 2016  -  Present
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FOX: A Flexible and Heterogeneus Mixed User Model to Address Sustainable Behaviour in Smart Environments
Ane Irizar-Arrieta, Aiur Retegi, Diego Casado-Mansilla, Matthias Laschke, Diego López-de-Ipiña.
2019  ≈ 334.3 KB
On the Side Effects of Automation in IoT: Complacency and Comfort vs. Relapse and Distrust
Diego Casado-Mansilla, Pablo Garaizar, Ane Irizar-Arrieta, Diego López-de-Ipiña.
   Proceedings of the CHI 2019 Workshop on New Directions for the IoT: Automate, Share, Build, and Care
Design-insights for Devising Persuasive IoT Devices for Sustainability in the Workplace
Diego Casado-Mansilla, Ane Irizar-Arrieta, Pablo Garaizar, Di Lopez de Ipiña.
   2018 Global Internet of Things Summit (GIoTS)
2018  ≈ 2.3 MB
Accounting for User Diversity in the Design for Sustainable Behaviour in Smart Offices
Ane Irizar-Arrieta, Diego Casado-Mansilla, Aiur Retegi.
   Proceedings of conference: 3rd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies
2018  ≈ 387.1 KB
Coping with user diversity: UX informs the design of a digital interface that encourages sustainable behaviour
Ane Irizar-Arrieta, Diego Casado-Mansilla.
   11th Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 2017
2017  ≈ 1.9 MB