RDF description Dr. Diego Casado-Mansilla

Oct. 2015  -  Present
dcasado [at] deusto.es

 +34 944 139 003 - ext: 2796


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Date Title
03 Nov, 2023 DEUSTO organises the AURORAL General Meeting
06 Oct, 2022 Oihane Gómez-Carmona participated in the “ACM International Conference on Information Technology for Social Good (GoodIT 2022)”
31 May, 2022 MORElab member Diego Casado-Mansilla has given a talk about IoT trends to Berian Forum members in Azpeitia
31 May, 2022 MORElab participated in the European Regions for Smart Communities Summit, first face-to face meeting of the H2020 AURORAL Project
03 May, 2022 MORElab participated in the Fashion Revolution initiative
17 Jan, 2022 The University of Deusto represented AURORAL in the Inter-OSS workshop within the IoT Conference 2021
05 Oct, 2021 Oihane Gómez Carmona, new Doctor in MORElab
01 Jul, 2020 MORElab members are awarded by Atlas-Elsevier for their research
28 Jun, 2020 Markel Iglesias-Urkia defends his PhD
27 Oct, 2019 DEUSTO organises the 9th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT 2019)
11 Jun, 2019 Special Issue: "Social Networks and Social Ubiquitous Computing", PUC, Springer (JCR: 1.924, Q2)
11 Jun, 2019 Special Issue on “Internet of People: Human-driven Artificial Intelligence and Internet for Smarter Hyper-Connected Societies”, FGCS, Elsevier (JCR: 4.639, Q1)
11 Jun, 2019 MSCA-IF-2019 Call for Expressions of Interest Deusto Foundation/DeustoTech - Causal modeling for the understanding of the energy demand on the residential and service sectors
11 Jun, 2019 MSCA-IF-2019 Call for Expressions of Interest Deusto Foundation/DeustoTech - Towards Smarter Environments bringing together Human and Machine Intelligence
31 May, 2019 Approval of PARITY H2020 project
19 May, 2019 MORElab participated in Zientzia azoka and Ecodesign panel
27 Feb, 2019 ESTIA met MORElab in DeustoTech premises
03 Oct, 2018 TP-Link partners with us to deploy Smart Plugs
01 Oct, 2018 Instalation of Birloki in Gipuzkoa's vocational training centers
19 Jul, 2018 ​Ane Irizar Arrieta participated in the "3rd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies"
03 Jul, 2018 Oihane Gómez-Carmona participated in the “14th International Conference on Intelligent Environments”
08 Jun, 2018 Assistance and participation in the IoT Week & Global IoT Summit 2018
27 Apr, 2018 8th GreenSoul plenary meeting in Seville
26 Apr, 2018 SmiWork project in the Bilbao’s Science Fair and ForoTech
26 Feb, 2018 HOPU's Smart POI solution installed in MORElab premises
17 Jan, 2018 The 7th meeting of H2020 GreenSoul project in Bilbao
26 Oct, 2017 Assistance to the 7th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT 2017)
07 Aug, 2017 Diego Casado-Mansilla assisted to the ICT4S Summer School in Lorentz center
27 Jul, 2017 The paper presented by Ane Irizar-Arrieta was selected for the Best Early Career Research Award.
20 Jul, 2017 Oihane Gómez-Carmona participated in the “2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Computer and Energy Science”
22 Jun, 2017 DeustoTech organises the 5th Plenary Meeting for the GreenSoul Project
10 Mar, 2017 DeustoTech at 4th Plenary Meeting in Weiz for the GreenSoul Project
14 Sep, 2016 Diego Casado Mansilla, the new MORELab's PhD
08 Jul, 2016 GreenSoul's 2nd project meeting in Greece
20 Apr, 2016 GreenSoul's Kick-off meeting in Seville
26 Nov, 2015 DiY tech-tools for ecological transition in the Maker Faire bilbao
29 Oct, 2015 Approval of GreenSoul H2020 project
17 Jun, 2015 MORElab members explain IoT and Wearables on TV
21 Jan, 2015 Workshop on iBeacons technology
28 Nov, 2014 MORElab vision about the future of IoT on the consumer appliances sector in Automática e Instrumentación magazine
03 Nov, 2014 Visit to Lincoln University
07 Jul, 2014 Aitor Gómez-Goiri participated in the 3rd International Conference on "Extending Seamlessly to the Internet of Things"
04 Jul, 2014 MORElab's members will lead two workshops within the e-ghost summer courses
30 May, 2014 Talk about Eco-aware everyday objects at Madrid's makerspace
29 Nov, 2013 Digital Interaction Design for the Maritime Museum's exhibition
25 Nov, 2013 First edition of Bilbao Sustainability Jam
22 Nov, 2013 Workshop on Arduino at BIME Hack-day
21 Oct, 2013 Invited talk in Belgium (Sustainable IoT devices)
12 Jul, 2013 What can I do with my Arduino?
01 Mar, 2012 Apps for a Better World Awards
13 Feb, 2012 Eco-awareness Social Devices presented in IoT Madrid meetup
23 Nov, 2011 Arduino Workshop
23 Nov, 2011 Do-it-Yourself! event